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  1. LAVA - fretless electric guitar.

    I got inspiration from classical instruments: cello, violin, contrabass and Eastern instruments, the main detail of which is fretless neck. With fretless neck you can provide shade sounds, such as microtones. This demands “skilled hand” while playing, but for musician it gives wider opportunities. Vibrating notes with fretless neck, opposite then with guitar with frets, makes sound unique and reminds motives of ethnic music, which is the keystone of the music I create and this project is. What concerns visual aspect, the fretless neck does not uglify form with vertical sections and forms remains pure.

    LAVA – permanently varying natural phenomena, expression of at first liquid and viscous, later stiffened mass. Streamline, eternity, permanent pulsation, eruption – that’s the keywords, which in some way are pictured by guitar silhouette and the sound which can be created with the instrument. 
    Clear Sapele or Maple wood rings were left – picture of naturalism, the same as in music, for which this guitar is assigned: prolonged notes, varying melody, variable music harmony. Streamline forms of the guitar provides functional and as well the ergonomic benefit for musician body of guitar smoothly nestles.Gold and black details of guitar and ebony fingerboard – sort of commemoration of stiffened lava.
    These high quality guitars are made by exclusive technology using one peace of Sapele or Maple wood with ebony fingerboard to increase the sustain of fretless instrument. This technology requires wood from the highest class and accuracy. The guitar body is very slim and ergonomical.
  2. LAVA - the reflection of modern classic.

  3. Photos by Kestutis Kurienius